Money Hacks You Should Know

[When You’re Trying To Buy A Home]

  • Get a part-time job in the evening or weekends, even if it’s just for 6 months

  • Ask family for cash for your birthday and Christmas gifts instead of more “stuff.” Tell them your goals, they will want to help contribute to see your dream come true

  • Sell things you aren’t using anymore online or to a consignment store (purses, shoes, cell phones, bicycle, clothes, jewelry, old wedding dress)

  • Shop auto insurance, you may be able to save lots of money when you shop around your policy

  • Lower your electric bill by pushing your AC up to 78 degrees when you leave for work and wash your clothes in cold water instead of hot (hot water heater costs you a lot in your electric bill)

  • Get a short-term roommate

  • Bring your lunch to work. Even if your colleagues go out to lunch, you could join as most places won’t say a thing if you tell the server you are on a special diet as you open your lunch box; let the rest of the table drop $15 for lunch, this girl is saving for a home!

  • Your cell phone bill can eat up a lot of your money! I switched from Verizon to Cricket (this is not an endorsement) and saved $70 a month!

  • Cancel your cable! I dropped cable and got Netflix. You can buy an antenna for $20 that sticks on the wall behind your TV (I got mine off Amazon) for local channels

  • Have happy hour at your home rather than GNO. A bottle of wine costs the same as 1 glass most places, so pour a second glass and watch that savings account accrue!

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